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A Reading Strategies Lesson: Finding Details and Writing Summaries

Blog post on Upper Elementary Snapshots about Finding Details and Writing Summaries. She uses a non-fiction text for this lesson. There are examples, anchor charts, and a product (someone else's) advertised. There is also a link to a free article. Focused on fourth grade.

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Summarizing Nonfiction Texts Practice

Summarizing nonfiction texts can be somewhat daunting for both students and teachers alike. It's pretty simple to teach students how to write a fictional summary. Just break it down by the plot. When it comes to nonfiction, non-narrative texts, it's not so black and white.The materials in this bundle (along with my Summarizing Nonfiction mini-lesson available through my store - helpful but not imperative) will help you to break down the process of summarizing nonfiction in a sensible manner.

This is a great tool to help teach students how to summarize nonfiction. This work by Elisabeth Haywood is licensed under a Creative Commons A...


RW Haven’s Best of the Best Summarizing Nonfiction Tips {Blog Hop}

Bundle of resources for scaffolding students from teacher-led instruction to independent practice when summarizing nonfiction

The lesson I am sharing with you all today is one small lesson in a GIANT Reading and Summarizing Nonfiction unit. You can click HERE to read about our fiction summaries. First and foremost, my stu…


Nonfiction Summaries: Excellent chart of nonfiction text features and how to summarize nonfiction information. Great for the all important research paper.