The Most Famous Document of Babylonian Mathematics: Plimpton 322. Plimpton 322 reveals that the Babylonians discovered a method of finding Pythagorean triples, that is, sets of three whole numbers such that the square of one of them is the sum of the squares of the other two.

Z-5: Sum of Squares, Variance, and the Standard Error of the Mean - Westgard

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However, if we accept that the ratio of the areas of two shapes remains unchanged when we scale them identically, then since the area of the purple triangle is the sum of the areas of the exterior red and green triangles, the area of the purple square is the sum of the areas of the red and green squares.

Kindergartners add the two sides of a domino and then put it on the matching plywood square. GREAT for seeing all of the combinations to twelve!

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(1) ANOVA 1: Calculating SST (total sum of squares) | Analysis of variance | Inferential statistics | Probability and statistics | Khan Academy

Am I the only one who thought her hair was her face for a second, and thought she was some sort of freaky sci-fi monster?

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