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Suits tarot

Tarot Suits Cheat Sheet by Noble Lion Prints - Wands - Cups - Swords - Pentacles Follow the link for the printable version!

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tarottip56 - a very simple and easy to remember way to do predictions in Tarot. Generally, I find them accurate :)

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Correspondences: What the four tarot suits represents ~ Unknown | <3 | #BlessedBe |, with gratitude to the original creator #MediumMaria

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A hand-drawn poster showing the wheel of the year, with the eight pagan sabbats, four seasons, four elements and four tarot suits.

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Suit of Swords Quick Reference Visit for more tarot tips!

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Tarot Suit Cheat Sheet ~ Making Tarot Simple Please share this on social media and Pinterest and help make learning Tarot fun, simple and quick! The rules are simple. Wands are your WANTS, Cups are YOUR UPS, Swords are your WORDS, and Pentacles are your LENDABLES. Click here to learn what the Tarot Suits mean …

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Suit of Wands - Ace to Ten Quick Reference Visit for more tarot tips!

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