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Introducing my brand new unique Natural Sugaring Catalog!

I invite you to learn how to do sugaring yourself and save yourself soo much $$! One sugaring session at a salon can run up to $180 PER LEG! (Most salons that I've encountered use the professional brand (they sell ONLY to salons) Alexandria Professional). Here is an example of a menu at a salon in Nashville called Euphoria Salon (The ONLY salon in my area that offers sugaring at this time). Learning to perform the method of sugaring is truly easier than one would think. The cooking…

Super Silky Summer Legs Next time you are feeling down, about to binge, going on a date, or just need to pamper yourself, do this. I just did it and I can not stop rubbing my legs together. It feels like I paid for that over expensive pedicure at the salon. Ingredients: 1 1/4 C Sugar (Yup, plain, good-ol’ white sugar) 1/2 C Oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any oil, coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil) 3 tablespoons Citrus (Lime or lemon) 1-2 Razors


JBHomemade Sugaring and Skin Care

Here it is y'all Changed my life This organic all natural hair... Here it is y'all Changed my life This organic all natural hair removal paste is quite thick. It feels almost like taffy. It is firm but pliable. The benefit of using an organic paste is that you dont need to mess around with hair removal strips only your fingers or applicator alone are needed! It is all-natural requires no heat and no strips. Sugaring paste is a less painful alternative to waxing. This product is wonderful…


Acne Tomato Face Mask Recipe Ingredients: 1/4 of a tomato mashed and deseeded 3 tsp. of plain yogurt 1 tsp mashed cucumber 1 tsp aloe gel 3 tsp Oatmeal 2 mint leaves (crushed). Instructions: Mix ingredients, apply to face and leave on for about 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Controls Oily skin


Crustless Quiche Recipe - 3 Points + - LaaLoosh ~ Light, healthy, and adorably delicious, these low calorie, individually sized quiches are perfect for a weekend brunch. Eliminating the crust makes for a low carb, high protein, low Points Weight Watchers breakfast recipe that tastes as wonderful as it looks.


Diana Henry's chocolate & olive-oil cake

Diana Henry's chocolate & olive oil cake (just chocolate, olive oil, sugar, eggs and ground almonds/hazelnuts)


Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Salted Pistachios. #recipes #red_velvet #cupcakes