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Don't Give Up

Don't Give Up — Sacha Stewart

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Relationships (of any kind - friends, family, lovers) that are based on anything less than honesty are nothing more than superficial exchanges. Things that have been shackled, and denied the light that truth brings, will never grow or expand. As difficult as it might be to accept, someone who lies to you does not respect you. Someone who does not respect you can't really be your friend. As disappointed as you may feel, there is immense value in accepting this.

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10 Steps To Building Successful Employee Engagement  #Infographic #Business #EmployeeEngagement
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Bad Beginning of a (Nice) Adventure - about Physical Education in Polish schools several years ago (and hopefully not now)

Developing Positive Psychology - My Personal development plan, finding success, happiness & personal growth, wellbeing & harmony.

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Character Relationships (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

My favourite couples are ones that work together as a team. This writing worksheet is for creating characters that complement each other.

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2.5yrs of hell for him. It's ok though.. He can live his fantasy and he'll do the same with the next girl... Men like him don't change..

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