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Success Cds

SUCCESS! “We have a product that was carefully developed and achieves its goals. We have trained teachers, we have passive learning at home using CDs, we have unique materials and music—we have real teaching! With Helen Doron, we have an exclusive methodology that allows children to learn through play and fun.” No wonder Claire is successful at building a thriving business for herself and strengthening the Helen Doron brand throughout China.

Be the BOSS! Set Your Own Hours! Spend More Time With Family! Here is how!


At the age of 22 the musician travelled to Germany for the first time and performed with great success in Munich. Apart from releasing several CDs he has been invited to a range of concerts throughout Europe, where he has swept audiences off their feet. In 2003 he received the German World Music Award RUTH in the newcomers’ category – as one of over 600 candidates. In March 2010 his concert successes were crowned by a solo concert he gave at the Philharmonie in Berlin

THE SECRET SAUCE OF SUCCESS When I wore a younger man’s clothes, the term success had so much meaning and connotation — at the time, it meant being a highly paid, regularly applauded and selling lots of CDs as a professional rock star.

I have almost seventy five percent. My history teacher told us about it, then I saw it on 60 minutes, then my friend got me into it, then I got the bio and cds. I am reading and listening all the time.


Frozen Food Recommended Storage Times #infographic

Frozen Food Recommended Storage Times #infographic ~ Visualistan