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Stop the wars #EXO #BTS. I love both very much<--yes yes yes yes <--- I won't lie, I do get salty with exols sometimes, but not all exols ate obnoxious, and not all armys are either. Let's all support each other!

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NAGGING LEVEL: N | VIXX | hahaha and then Kangin "Shouldn't you take legal action" while Amber high fives him

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Kids these days with their eReaders don't know how hard it was back in the old days.

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Did a "Stint" as an Internet meme! ...& HELPED Save my Dad! ~WTF? Awesome & fun facts

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This is why they deserve everything they have now because of all their hard work

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hes probably thinking,"aw yiss am successfully one of the most adorable people in the galaxy"

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21st Centurey Girl ~ I love this song! It's so encouraging to all girls out there X3

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