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Subsitute Teacher

Teach with Tenacity: Subbing 101: 10 Essentials to Keep in Your Substitute Teacher Bag

from TES Resources

A Pack of Supply Cover Lesson Plans and Worksheets - no prep, ready to use, for any subject

Substitute Cover Lesson Ideas for teens - no prep, ready to use, suitable for any subject! So, you're sick? Off on a course? Out on a field trip? Or maybe you are the substitute teacher and no cover work has been set, or the students are feeling less than inspired by the work. Either way, there is always the hassle of setting inspiring cover work to keep the students on task and interested while still making the lesson worthwhile.


Before I started teaching in my current district I was a a substitute in a different district. Even though I had spent a good time with the kids i...


Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Area and Adverb FREEBIES plus some cute tops!


I use this as a sub every day, but it would also be useful in a Substitute binder in your classroom to get feedback about your class while you were out.

from Wife Teacher Mommy

Be a Prepared Substitute Teacher!

Be a Prepared Substitute Teacher! This no prep binder includes lesson plans for K-6, a calendar, a page to keep track of all your sub info, and a form to leave your sub notes at the end of the day! #substituteteaching Read more:


StudentSavvy: How to THRIVE as a Substitute Teacher!

from Teach 4 the Heart

7 Classroom Management Secrets for Substitutes

How to Get Kids to Listen When You’re Just a Sub - Teach 4 the Heart Great tips for substitute teachers. #substitute #supply #teachertips


We love Danielle's substitute teacher report sheet!

from Minds in Bloom

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks

Great activities to do if you find your students being sluggish, or even anxious. It gets them moving and thinking, waking them up in a fun way!. 5391