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Subject Pronouns Examples

ELA PRONOUNS Subject, Object, Possessive, & Reflexive PowerPoint PPT

This is a 19-slide PowerPoint presentation on subject, object, possessive, and reflexive pronouns. The presentation includes: 1) subject pronouns & examples; 2) object pronouns & examples; 3) practice & answers identifying subject & object pronouns; 4) possessive pronoun with examples, practice, and answers; 6) reflexive pronouns with examples, practice, and answers.


Using WHO, WHOM and WHOSE Who is a subject pronoun. Whom is an object pronoun. Whose is a possessive pronoun. Follow the list for examples; 000


La rutina diaria en español -- this video will teach you how to talk about your daily routine in Spanish using common Spanish reflexive verbs and activities. It shows some basic daily activities in Spanish, how to conjugate reflexive verbs and lots of examples.


Subject Pronoun Flowers - French Interactive Notebook

My kiddos refer to these flowers again and again and I know yours will, too! This is a quadruple spread-4 pages-of examples for students to create and reference.

Feb 27 I struggle with all of the different ones. It may seem childish but when you're writing a paper you tend to not think about these things