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Subject And Predicate Worksheets


Subject and Predicate Practice

This free, printable worksheet that focuses on subjects and predicates gets children thinking logically about English and its grammar. This worksheet asks students to choose the correct predicate to match with the given subject. Answer sheet is also included. Read more at #grammar, #english, #worksheet, #subject, #predicate


Subject and Predicate Worksheets


Simple Subjects and Predicates

This free, printable worksheet gets students focusing on both simple and complete subjects and predicates. Read the sentences with your child, and have them complete the exercises. Also includes a writing activity at the end which can be done with a partner or parent. Read more at #grammar, #english, #worksheet, #subject, #predicate


Subject and Predicate Worksheet

Worksheets: Subject and Predicate: Two Parts of a Sentence

Subjects and Predicates Worksheets


Subject and Predicate Match Game

Subject and Predicate Worksheet Activity - Match Game

Identifying Subjects and Predicates worksheet Freebie !!! grammar

Subject and Predicate Worksheet #3

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Simple & Complete Subjects and Predicates Worksheets

simple and complete subject or predicate