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Imagine your country in ruins. Complete hopelessness for everyone. And then a Leader arrives, and things slowly start improving. Every Leaders' instruction that you follow, improves things just that little bit more. Then a steely determination sets in. A determination never to return to that dreadful hopelessness. That determination is shown on the face of this young SA man. Germany has awoken. Deutschland Erwache!

Horst Wessel was a squad leader in the SA who was killed by communists in 1930. Goebbels turned him into the NSDAP hero martyr. A song Wessel had written was elevated into the co-national anthem known as the Horst Wessel-Lied.


Hitler Youth Propaganda Posters | sturmabteilung sa


Ernst Röhm (1887-1934) was a former Reichswehr officer and had been a member of the NSDAP since 1920. He had supported Hitler in the Hitler-Ludendorff Putsch and was among the Führer’s closest friends. In 1924, Hitler put Röhm in charge of the SA [Sturmabteilung or Storm Detachment], which had been originally conceived solely as a security service


Hugo Boss Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi Party and in 1928 became an official supplier of uniforms organizations within the National Socialist party, including the Hitler Youth, Sturmabteilung (paramilitary), and the SS.

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Уметност пропаганде

Уметност пропаганде/The art of propaganda

German SA Stormtroopers, sport poster