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Chicken, chorizo, peppers and potato one-pot roast - place all the ingredients into one pot and just wait and see how delicious this turns out...


Hot Sausage Stuffed Banana Peppers

Hot Sausage Stuffed Banana Peppers are spicy and addicting. The flavors mellow so well together and best of all -- they're so simple!


stuffed peppers. More Eggplants, Food Recipes, Foodies, Foodandtravel, Dinners, Food Yum, Cooking, Stuffed Peppers, Foodie Wannab EGGPLANT, TOMATO, CAPER, OLIVE PECORINO-STUFFED PEPPER [Italy] [foodandtravel] [chile, chilli, chili, pepper, chili pepper, hot pepper] Stuffed peppers for a spicy kick to dinner. #SanDisk Stuffed Peppers : foodandtravel → For the ♥ of FOOD #yum


Pickeled Stuffed Cherry Hot Peppers

One day my hubby and I were at one of our local grocery stores which has a lot of nice things on their salad bar. I saw these and tried them and wow they were