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Stuff Black People Like

Cute casual outfit. Especially the Batman part. #fall #fashion

from Vintage Black Beauties

Discovered … Member of the African Choir, London

Discovered … Member of the African Choir, London Stereoscopic Company, 1891. Photograph: Courtesy of © Hulton Archive/Getty Images


How Blacks have Irish Last Names | Ever wonder how a lot of African Americans & Caribbean have Irish last names? Is not because of Irish slave owners, no erase that foolishness……don’t think Gone With The Wind and the O’Hara plantation. What a lot of people don’t know is that Irish were slaves too, hundreds of thousands were sent to work in the West Indies and they blended with the black slaves thus we have Irish names like McFadden, McDonalds, etc. CLICK to read more


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What I think I look like on the outside when I'm crying on the inside ... and then I wonder: why can't anyone see it?