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9. Working with Interns-3 Advice to student teachers from teachers. Teachers need to have a talk with their student teacher or intern as they are about to enter the field. They need to get them mentally prepared. They need to let them know everyone messes up and no one is perfect. This link gives a few points for interns.


Student Teaching Toolkit - Student Teaching Resources

Calling all student teachers and supervising teachers...this resource is made especially for YOU! The Student Teaching Toolkit is filled with everything a student teacher needs to have a successful student teaching experience... • Classroom Management Resources and Systems • Classroom Organization Tracking Forms • Introductory Activities • A Complete Classroom Observation Lesson • Interview Preparation Guide • Tips and Tricks for Successfully Student Teaching


Student Teaching Survival Guide from Really Good Teachers

Saving this for my youngest daughter who is about to follow in my footsteps! How to Excel at Student Teaching


Student Teaching: How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher!


37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Good way to mark books and figure out what needs going over again... also a good way for pupils to show where they are up to in the lesson


Student Teaching Checklist and Printable

It is time for student teaching! Are you ready? The long hours of studying, classroom instruction, and on-site placements have given you the tools to suc


Reflective Teaching - Free Journal! - Fairy Dust Teaching. A good idea to bring closure to each day so I don't think about it all evening.