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from Financegirl

7 Student Loan Resources

Suffering from student loan debt? I am. That's why I created this guide with 7 resources for people with student loan debt. I've gone from $206k to $122k and I've used these tools to help me get there. I couldn't have done it alone. | Financegirl


Diana on a Dime - Teacher living a frugal life paying off student loans. Take a look into how I organize my student loans in order to track my progress towards debt payoff with a binder! student loan debt student loan debt payoff #debt #studentloan

from The Penny Hoarder

Got Student Loans? Gradible Will Pay Them For You…

Student loans are no joke: the average U.S. college grad owes more than $26,000. A new company is trying to address this issue by paying college students and grads to complete small tasks. Have you heard of Gradible? - The Penny Hoarder

from Budgets Are Sexy

How I Paid off $46,500 of Student Loans in 2 years

How Even Steven paid of $46,500 of student loans in 2 years! You CAN do it!

Unique Infographic Design, Understanding Student Loans #Infographic #Design (
from The Huffington Post

The True Cost Of College

Unique Infographic Design, Understanding Student Loans #Infographic #Design (

from Smart Woman

I Will Pay Off my Student Loans

How this woman plans to pay off over $30k of student loans in less than 3 years. Very inspirational.

from The Penny Hoarder

I Wish I Knew About This Before Paying Back $30,000 in Student Loans

I was pretty psyched to hear about a new option for refinancing called CommonBond. I wish I had access to or knew about a program like this when I was right out of school! I hope it can help some of you avoid paying as much interest as I did. - The Penny Hoarder student debt payoff, #debt #college

from MBA sahm

How to Pay Off Student Loans Early

Paying off student loans early will open up soooo many new opportunities. There are a lot of different ways to get out of debt. Here are some of the best!


yup-that-exists: “ There is an organization that will pay off your student loans in exchange for volunteer work… ” This is really handy! Signal boost this, you will get those loans of your back and do...


How to save for a house while paying off student loans