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Student Loans: A Guide to University Debt

Are you planning to get a student loan? Or do you already have a student loan? Then read our guide on UK student loans, student loans repayments and grants here.


Equal Justice Works Fellowship (via Miranda Strong, w/example of girl in SF working on trafficking issues)-- for post-grad

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What Is Obama Student Loan Forgiveness?

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness is a program created by President Obama technically called Pay As You Earn (PAYE). It can lower student loan payments for borrowers. Pay off Debt, Student Loan Debt #debt student debt payoff, #debt #college

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How to get your Student Loan Interest Rates Lowered

You guys! I feel like I've done the impossible!! After YEARS I finally figured out how to get our student loan interest rates lowered - AND YOU CAN TOO!  I have contacted our student loan companies many times, asking if there was any way to lower our rates, and I was always given the same ... Student Loans Payoff #StudentLoans #debt


how to cut your student loan payment in half

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I'm a firefighter and have been really struggling to make my student loan payments... I saw an ad about student loan forgiveness and didn't believe it was true. But it really is.. These federal programs are out there and are designed to help borrowers get some relief. This one for the public service individuals has really saved my family and me. I'm very grateful I'm enrolled in the program and will have my loans FULLY forgiven... Read more about it at


Student Loan Prepayment Calculator - Payoff Student Loans Early | Student Loan Hero

Reducing Student Loan Debt   #infographic #StudentLoan #Debt #College

Reducing Student Loan Debt #infographic

Reducing Student Loan Debt #infographic #StudentLoan #Debt #College


Struggling with student loan debt? We have helped thousands of students/former students that are struggling to make their student loan payments each month apply for lower monthly payments, student loan consolidation, as well as various types of student loan forgiveness such as public service loan forgiveness and teacher loan forgiveness.