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" #Failure is an #event-it's not #whoyouare. Don't let that label get stuck on you. If one #dream dies, #dreamanotherdream." #Christianity #DailyDevotion #Devotion #Faith #God #Inspiration #Jesus #JoelOsteen #JoelOsteenMinistries #Love #Passion #QOTD #Spirituality #TheDivine #TwitterStatus #WTLB


16 Easy-To-Try Motivation Tips To Get More Done - #Infographic

16 Easy to try. Easy to incorporate and very effective Motivation Tips To Get More Done - #Infographic


This is so easy! If you are stuck in your house on a rainy day, you can do this! All you need is duct tape {You don’t need any printed duct tape it can be two plain colors} :] XO Sofie

from Taming Twins

40 Toddler Lunchbox Ideas (and Stuck on You Giveaway

40 Toddler Lunchbox Ideas (and Stuck on You Giveaway to win one of these fabulous personalised lunch kits)


Crazed at the office...stuck in time to stop for a card... SIMPLIFY. A quick note and a quick stick and you are good to go. A personalized Gift Label can make any gift look good and gets you off the hook for wrapping. *These labels measure 3.25" x 4" *23 labels per pack! Waterproof Option! If your labels will adorn a gift of white wine for a hostess, or you are entertaining at home with chilled wine or champagne on ice, we can…

*Medicinal Clove Tea Recipe and Benefits: Due to the antifungal nature of cloves, drinking this tea may cause some die-off symptoms. You may want to wait until you’ve made some dietary changes and have stuck with them for a while before adding a strong medicinal tea such as this.


"|| I was scared, I was unprepared, Oh, for the things you said, If I could undo that I hurt you, I would do anything for us to make it through ||" by stuck-in-h3r-d4y-dr34m on Polyvore

Carol is crazy... not for the Lizzie thing, that was necessary, but killing Karen and David? She thinks she is tough now but she is just becoming a person without regrets doing things that SHE is only one thinks are ok. And if you are on her side just think of what if Daryl would have been the one sick, sure as hell she would leave him alone or something. Double standars!


Don't let loosers or people who have no life or no happiness get you down. If they are stuck In filth, misery, negativity and bad karma... step away. Only a miracle can help those ones.