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Architectural model

Who: sou fujimoto What else: Inside Outside Tree V museum in london. The structure is made from sheets of clear acrylic which have been cut into variously shaped polygons and bound together using zip ties.


Gross neuroanatomy - major brain structures. Adapted from Breedlove, Rosenzweig and Watson(2007)


First map of the human brain reveals a simple, grid-like structure between neurons | ExtremeTech

'At the University of Basel and University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland, researchers have developed a technique for 3D imaging tiny structures of the brain while accurately counting the number of specific cells in the sample. The team used synchrotron radiation as opposed to traditional X-rays to measure the local phase shifts instead of signal absorption. The image resolution was so exceptional that it allowed for the visualization of the dendritic tree and nucleoli of Purkinje cells...

from the Guardian

Norman Doidge: the man teaching us to change our minds

Norman Doidge: the man teaching us to change our minds Do you believe you can think yourself well, changing the very structure of your brain over time through rigorous training? Norman Doidge does…

What NOT to do in a Zombie Apocalypse! (INFOGRAPHIC)