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Dixiefried Clothing Perfect Pencil Skirt in Burgundy

Pinup Girl Clothing is proud to bring you the best in vintage designed clothing and accessories. We specialize in our house brands made in the USA of imported goods: Pinup Couture, Laura Byrnes, Dixiefried, and Deadly Dames.

Greek & Latin Roots Posters

These printables include 28 posters of common prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots with definitions and examples of each. They follow a rainbow theme and look especially nice when put over construction paper of corresponding colors.This set includes: 28 Posters (PDFs)6 Prefixes-dis-in, im, il-non-pre-re-un9 Roots-chrono-graph-port-spect-struct-tele-meter-phon-imag13 Suffixes-er, est-ful-ion, tion-less-ness-ous-y-er, or-ant-ity-ing-ly-enceI will be redoing these for different themes.