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POG is a tropical style drink from Hawaii that consists of a blend of Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava fruits– hence POG. (FredMeyers just started selling it. I bought some today: so tasty!)

from The Daily Beast

Spring Break Drinks

HAND GRENADE | The Hand Grenade has been called “the strongest drink on Bourbon Street,” and one drink is the equivalent of four and a half servings of a regular alcoholic beverage. ¼ oz. Midori melon liqueur ¼ oz. Absolut vodka ¼ oz. Malibu coconut rum ¼ oz. Bacardi 151 rum dash of pineapple juice Build, shake, strain.


Pincer Vodka. The world's strongest vodka - from Scotland. we should try it someday ;)

Spirytus-Vodka// 10 of the world's strongest spirits//THe Spirits Business

The Ultimate Jell-O Shot - double and triple strength jello shots. i have made them and strongly suggest making them with a FLAVORED vodka to make them palatable. like cherry vodka with cherry jello or even vanilla vodka with whatever. if you use plain they will make you gag. these things are POTENT! my recipe is 2 pkg sugar free jello, 6 oz boiling water and 750ml of flavored vodka.

from The Intoxicologist

S.D. Strong Vodka

S.D. Strong Vodka: This vodka has great viscosity with medium to heavy body. It feels slightly thick and very smooth as it rolls over the tongue.


Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka 70cl

The 50% 100 proof Export Strength version of the classic Smirnoff Vodka. Blue…


Don’t miss this one! At the hospital potter’s village you will see an example of true Ukraine. People of the village will meet you with traditional Russian and Ukrainian songs. Your welcome drink will be the strongest vodka you ever tried.