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Strings On A Violin

Antique Vintage Clear Glass Scent Perfume Bottle In The Shape Of A vVolin. The Four Strings Are Made Of Metal And Overlaid On The Glass. Silver Gilt Ginged Lid Chased With Foliage. French, Mid 19th Century Height 3.3 Inches.


"Young fiddler With tunes in his head And fingers like a spider Weaving songs; His bow spinning Webs of music For my reeling toes To jig in Music's breeze."


What Are the Different Parts of a Violin? [Infographic]:

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Tenor viol

1667 English Tenor viol at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "Viols, which came in a number of different sizes ranging from treble to bass, were held between the legs, hence the term viola da gamba, and played with a bow that was held with the palm of the hand turned outwards. This limited the pressure brought to bear on the string and created a softer sound than that made by the violin. By about 1780 viols were almost entirely replaced by violins and…


London based violinist Jessie May Smart is a highly experienced and sought after act who is at home playing intimate events as she is playing large concert venues. She can play either acoustically on with her custom made electric violin and has a vast repertoire of classical, jazz and pop and she specialises in improvising with a DJ or other musicians.

Cello Ring - This ring takes its artistic form from a cello. The scrollwork on the head and fingerboard are exactly to proportion. The perfect ring for your bowed instrument lover.