String Art Rhythm Heart Beat Sign Wall Art The size: 8 x 4 inch (20 x 10 cm) We do work in the style of string art on any theme: dc comics, Marvel,

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Wedding string art heart with initials

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DIY Kit - Heart String Art - Family Sign - Tied Together with Heart Strings - Create your own - Wood Sign - String Art- Wood Display - Kit

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Ombre or variegated yarn makes for beautiful string art! One problem that I've run into though is that the yarn color changes too slowly, and as a result, the finished piece doesn't have much variation. To solve that issue, gather your supplies and follow these steps. Supplies needed: 1. Variegated or Ombre yarn 2. Pegged Board: I used the heart from my String Art craft line. It comes with the pegs set. 3. Scissors Instructions: 1. Tie your string to the top center…

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