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Do You Know Your Real Potential? Make a free online Test to find your Talents and Potential, based on the Strengths Test Movement.

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Our culture of “self-improvement” has probably made us dislike ourselves more than anything else, but the #StrengthsFinder test has a much better way. And it made me cry.


Anyone else take the #strengthsfinder test? My top 5 strengths are: #Achiever #Responsibility #Discipline #Connectedness #Belief If you know what your top 5 are I'd love to hear 'em! Also would love to hear any stories of how being aware of them has helped you. Comment below!✍ #understandyourself #knowyourstrengths #focusonyourstrengths #selfawareness #nowdiscoveryourstrengths #marcusbuckingham #gallupstrengthsfinder #becomingyourbestself #setyourselfupforsuccess #shinelikethepersongodc...


The wife finally did the #StrengthsFinder test after my return to #Singapore My wife outshines and out-values every diamond and gem. Her Top-5 talents all come from the Relationship Building domain. This makes her a rare gem. (that's why I chose her. ) Her top 3 talent themes happen to be my lesser themes. (Last few) Together we make a great team! #StrengthsQuest #StrengthsSchool #StrengthsFinderSG #Asia #HumanResource #Gallup #SelfImprovement #SelfDevelopment #TrainingAndDevelopment…

Our team took the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test and then we ran a little experiment based on the results. We challenge you to do it, and want to hear how it goes!

I recently took the Gallup StrengthsFinder test and confirmed that one of my top strengths is "Achiever". While labeled as a "strength", this can also sometimes be a curse, as it makes it hard to relax. There is always this inner pull to get things done. You know that saying you want something done give it to a busy person? That's totally me. But, I recognize that this "strength" overall can be detrimental to my health, which requires a slow down. Reminder for the other achievers out there.

[New Podcast] #069: Why Looking at Your Past Is so Important When I took the StrengthsFinder test, I found that my number one strength is “futuristic”. It’s truly my blessing and my curse. I always want to live in the future, curious as to what’ s next, but I have forced myself to analyze my past. Why? Because it’s necessary. Click link to read or listen...