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If you are a good conversationalist and presenter, you may have the Communication strength. Discover your strengths at Gallup Strengths Center.

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Kolbe Y™ Index $9.95 The Kolbe Y Index is a 30-question, strength based online assessment that helps young people (3rd grade reading level to age 17) identify the set of striving instincts that drive their inborn, distinctive way of taking action. The Y Index also gives tips that youth can use to jump start success in school, improve communicating with others, problem solving techniques, kindle team management skills,

Kolbe B™ Index $39.95 A 24-question psychological assessment test that measures how an employee views the functional demands of specific position. Comparing a Kolbe B Index with the employee’s A Index result yields insights into how to leverage ratio with instinctive types of talent at work.

The next strength we are learning about in our series focused on understanding more about each of the 34 strengths in the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment is Maximizer. People exceptionally talented in the Maximizer theme focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. They seek to transform something strong into something superb.

9 Ways Career Counseling Centers Help in Career Preparation – Part 2 This is Part 2 of the checklist about the 9 Ways Career Counseling Centers Help in Career Preparation and career advancement programs for top careers that might be related to your interest to help you in career preparation for production careers, careers in public relations, lawyer career. View Part 1 of career counseling post here

Kolbe R™ Index $28.00 A 36 question psychological assessment test that identifies a person’s expectations of a spouse, parent, sibling or partner in a personal relationship management. Comparing the R Index result to another person’s Kolbe A Index result provides insights into ways to improve communication in a relationship.

Parent Guide Package – best value $45.00 This combo package includes a Kolbe Y Index (strengths-based assessment) and a Parent Guide (personalized for each child).

Kolbe A™ Index Sample Test and Results