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Allied Strategic Air Offensive: The 'round the clock' bombing by the RAF and USAAF necessitated closer liaison between the two bomber forces, and even at squadron level goodwill visits between neighboring units helped foster the spirit of co-operation. Here a B-17 Flying Fortress crew of the 96th Bomb Group, US Eighth Air Force, mingle with Lancaster crews of No 622 Squadron at Mildenhall in the spring of 1944.

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Rare photos of the SR-71 Blackbird show its amazing history

The Advanced Tanker-Cargo Aircraft, or ATCA, was first proposed by officials from the US Air Force's Strategic Air Command in 1967. Here, a crew in an SR-71 (Air Force serial number 61-7955) connects with the 747 while an F-111 crew flies safety chase. The Air Force selected the DC-10 as the ATCA winner and sixty KC-10 Extenders were eventually built.

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WWII in color: Rare photos from 1942 show Flying Fortress bombers and their heroic crews in The Mighty 8th Command

WWII in color: Rare photos from 1942 show Flying Fortress bombers and their heroic crews in The Mighty 8th Command | Mail Online


Bomber Command memorial: The RAF bombers of the Second World War

Of 125,000 aircrew who served in the strategic bomber force between 1939 and 1945, 55,000 were killed and another 18,000 wounded or taken prisoner, a casualty rate of 60 per cent. Statistically, there was no more dangerous occupation during the war, except for that of U-boat crewman. The chance of being killed on a typical operation was one in 20, while the standard “tour” undertaken by a crew consisted of 30 ops. Above, Avro Lancaster Mk. I of 460 Squadron, on ground, with crew, Binbrook…

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In Cold War pictures, how the RAF has always been ready to face Russia

Dramatic: Away from British shores, a Vulcan B1 XA912 flies over Mount Kenya during a flight to Nairobi in July 1960


Strategic Air Command Bombers | strategic bombers this poster shows all nine of the usaf strategic ...


B-47E-25-DT Stratojet 52-166 flies over California's Central Valley farmland as it heads to Castle Air Force Base on the very last B-47 flight, 17 June 1986. (U.S. Air Force)


Black-and-white photo of three B-52s parked close together facing left, as personnel on the ground prepare them for departure