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spinach and cheese strata Make sure this sits over night or for about 12 hours prior to baking for best results.

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Scotland’s answer to Route 66, this 500 mile coastal route spans the north coast of the Highlands taking in the best bits of this glorious region.

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The ultimate contemporary style statement. High gloss, graceful curves complimented with ever stylish grey colour accents. The epitome of sophistication. Love it.

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The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. La leggenda narra che lo spettro della Grey Lady ossessiona il sottile nastro di strada che si snoda sotto i faggi secolari. Pare che la donna misteriosa appaia al tramonto tra gli alberi, scivoli silenziosamente lungo la strada e svanisca vicino all’ultimo albero di faggio.

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Smug One (aka Sam Bates) is an Australian born street artist based in Glasgow and as you walk the streets of the city it is hard to miss his enormous works of art that often adorn entire gable end walls.

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