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Georgia, Tblisi, “Andropov’s Ears” 1983 Architects: P.Kalandarishvili, G.Potskhishvili #socialist #brutalism #architecture All rights reserved by Frédéric Chaubin

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An amazing little selection of opals from around the world. DerHammerStein Auction

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Illustration for the Hawthorn Fairy from Flower Fairies of the Autumn. A boy fairy sits on the brach of a hawthorn tree with one arm around his raised right knee. Author / Illustrator Cicely Mary Barker

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Best day of my life. I still remember it so clearly. He was this cheeky, intelligent, painfully handsome and incredibly charming man with a wicked sense of humour, a rad sense of style and a soul made of the same stuff as mine. Love at first sight. Everything fell into place and made complete sense. The rest is history <3

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Owl Babies Tuff Spot

O is for Owl Babies Owl Babies Tuff Spot |

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Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Stories I Need to Tell

What are the stories YOU need to tell? Gather them with this 3-page writing worksheet!

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