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Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality. Resistance can come in many forms. So pay attention, notice where you are. Is there an imbalance in either masculine (applied wisdom, movement, action steps) or feminine (higher vision, inspiration, spiritual connection, intuitive impulse)? If so, be open to further harmonizing them.. it just feels better when we are in balance and it is definitely the path of least resistance. Remember.. No Resisto is key ❤tami


What is YOUR vision for 2013?

Just remember to replace "I want" with "I am, I have, this is". If you want to want things, you will want things, not have them.


Abraham and Sarah children's Bible story

"The relationships you have with others are a reflection of the vibrations you offer. There aren't actually any 'others', it's actually all about the relationship you have with yourself. They are projections of that. You can change the people and new ones will appear with the same dynamics. But it's changing your emotions (vibrations) that changes the dynamics - weather with the same people are new people." - Abraham Hicks


AMEN!! Even the God who created you said there is nothing that is unattainable to you. The first step is to ACT like you can do it, you do that by going out and acquiring the knowledge of how to do a particular thing, and then putting that knowledge to work for you...


You have the power within you to make your world amazing. Your attitude, perception, thoughts and energy all play a role in what you manifest.