Boo yow!! If shit ain't workin, get up everyday and do the opposite of what you usually do!!! We have to stay learning, evolving and pushing!! Quit whining, quit feeling sorry for yourself, quit saying I wish things were different, I wish I would have, should have! Oh well move on, make your list, and do that shit!!! #keeppushin #notimefornonsence #getoutofyourownway

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I hate when people whine saying they've had a rough life! You're an adult now!! Start acting like one!! I don't care who raised you or how you were raised!! Everyone knows right from wrong, they just don't always give a shit!! Start giving a shit!! Stop crying over your mistakes and stop making them!! Rant over. Lol

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Get your head on right. If you're having a bad day, stop whining about it and start taking action. First--adjust your attitude. Decide to be happy, not sad. Decide to be powerful, not weak. Decide to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. The shortest distance between a crap day and a great day is a decision to adjust your attitude. One decision. Works every time.

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The world doesn't owe you happiness, health, love, respect, or money. The world owes you nothing. You are where you are because of your decisions, not because of your circumstances. Stop whining and stop being bitter. Take responsibility for yourself. Be big enough to say this is my life. I'm responsible for it, and I'm going to make something of it.

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When your child whines all the time, it can be frustrating. If your kids are not listening or they cry about everything it makes parenting much harder. There are things that you can do to help the situation.

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Check out these 7 simple tricks for getting your kid to stop whining. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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"Grumbling & complaining" - I hope I’m not the only one who falls so easily into the trap of grumbling and complaining. After all, it seems like such a little thing! Yet, in reality, we’re not just complaining about our circumstances or other people, but against our Sovereign God. (read more)

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