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Stone Of Scone

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I Am The Resurrection - 10 x 8 Wall Art Print - The Stone Roses

I Am The Resurrection another poster I really need!


Stone of Scone or the Stone of Destiny. Legend says that the stone was used as a pillow by Jacob in biblical times, it is thought it was brought to Scotland in the 9th century, and it was used as part of the crowning ceremonies of the kings of Scotland. It was stolen by Edward I of England in 1296 and remained under the Coronation Throne is Westminster Abbey in London for 700 years. It was finally returned to Scotland in 1996.


The Stewart Sapphire, which had been owned by the Royal House of Scotland for centuries, was also given to George III. The original owner of the sapphire was reputed to have been King Alexander II of Scotland, who had it set into his crown for his coronation in 1214. Edward I of England took the sapphire along with the Stone of Scone in 1296, during his invasion of Scotland. His grandson, King Edward III, later returned the jewel to his brother-in-law David II of Scotland.


SCONE CASTLE - Home to the stone of destiny and the crowning place of Scottish Kings including Macbeth and Robert the Bruce. Scone Palace houses an outstanding collection of antiques, paintings and rare artefacts. The grounds are renowned throughout the world.


Where the Stone of Destiny (Scone) is reputed to have come from. The first Scots kings were crowned here in Dalriada. There are a higher number of neolithic and historic sites within a small radius of here, than there are anywhere else in Europe. Nearly 800 ancient monuments.


This is where King Henry VIII was enthroned in 1509. Since 1308, when it was commissioned by King Edward I, all but two monarchs have been crowned in the chair. This image was taken in 1987 when the Stone of Scone was still there.


Stone of Scone - All of Scotland's kings sat on this stone to be crowned until King Edward I took it 700 years ago and kept it under the English coronation chair. With Scotland's parliamentary independence in the 1990s, the Scots asked for it back and got it! It is honorably displayed with Scotland's crown jewels.