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Listening to happy songs make you a better employee, study reveals

Listening to happy music made participants more likely to give up their funds during a game, researchers at Cornell University found (stock picture)

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The Art of Engraved & Custom Guns

See more engraved and collectible firearms at Gun Digest Research. Click Here.

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Were the dinosaurs already on their way out before the asteroid hit?

The new study from researchers at the universities of Reading and Bristol found the number of new species of dinosaur could not keep up with those dying out (stock image).

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Can YOU spot a liar? It is easiest to tell who's lying in a group

Working out who the culprit is can be difficult, especially when asking people individually. New research suggests that it might be easiest to spot a liar when questioning a group of people collectively (stock image used)

Flags of the World tree - great idea for kindergarten display, nationalities of children/teachers with photos, dress, food etc.


Apple Fined a Record $14.5 Billion By European Commision This summer the light shined on Great Britain and the European Union with the so-called Brexit which was England deciding to leave the European Union. The long and the short of it was that the British government was tired of sending their money to the EU to pay for other countries misfortunes (note its more complicated than my summary but thats the jist) and in the midst of Englands exit which many felt would cause much doom over the…

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Mind-reading computer can predict sentences before you say them

The researchers used fMRI scans (stock image) to watch the brain activity of volunteers as they silently read sentences and used this to pick out activity related to specific words. They were able to use this to predict unique sentences based on brain activity