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Stevie Richards


Minimal graphic design: 20 great posters

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Joe 90, good but just a bit too smug for me.! Great theme tune though.


ROH TV Title Match Stevie Richards vs Roderick Strong - YouTube

Buddy Guy, London (1965). His influence on guitar heroes such as Hendrix, Clapton & SRV can't be overstated. A stinging attack, muscular tone and greasy phrasing, paired with a singing voice that makes hair stand up on the back of people's necks.


John Lee Hooker and Keith Richards ~ the blues greats were almost unknown in there own country, in the 60s, until young British rock musicians like the Stones and Eric Clapton started playing with them at there concerts. The blues world owes a debt of gratitude to a bunch of white British rockers for its own existence and relevance today.


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A singer- when she still had "Dreams".


Stevie Richards & Victoria