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Stevie Ray Vaughan Death

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Stevie Ray Vaughan was a powerful and emotional player of the Texas blues. This man had soul flowing out of his hands.


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Peace in the Valley East Troy, Wisconsin August 25, 1990 Noria Records CD Bootleg Silver RECORDED THE DAY BEFORE STEVIE'S UNTIMELY DEATH.

Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954 - 1990) Blues guitarist, "The Sky is Crying", "The House is a Rockin'", died in a helicopter crash after a concert, Eric Clapton was in a different helicopter


SRV #1 a 62/63 Strat used by Stevie Ray Vaughan for most of his career, rebuilt several times. It had a curved rosewood fingerboard and was refretted so often that, after a while, it could not be refretted anymore. Martinez replaced it with the neck from "Red," an event often said to foretell Vaughan's death. This neck was destroyed when a piece of stage rigging fell on it. After Vaughan's death, the original neck was reinstalled on Number One.


Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Laurel Land Memorial Park ~ Dallas, Texas