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Stevie J Baby Mothers Stevie J's baby mothers are discussed in this article. The record producer and his children have been seen in new reality series Leave It To Stevie. If Stevie is the father of Joseline Hernandez's daughter Bonnie Bella then he has six children. Leave It To Stevie currently features Stevie's five children: Eva Savannah Stevie Jr. Sade and Dorian. Rhonda Henderson Rhonda Henderson is the mother of Stevie J's oldest son Dorian Jordan. Last year Dorian posted a video on…

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Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta Sneak Peek: Karlie Tells Joseline That Stevie J and Althea Used To Get It In #LHHATL- By Shirea L. Carroll After Joseline shares with Karlie Redd all the “booty holes and coota cats,” she’s seen when snooping through Stevie J‘s phone, Karlie decides to get me

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The drama between the cast of “Love and HipHop Atlanta” has spilled off of our television screens and into real life. Things got real between former friends and business partners Benzino and Stevie J after Stevie J leaked nude photos of Benzino’s fiancée Althea. After Stevie J dropped the photo online, all bets were off and Benzino went in on Stevie and his “wife” Joseline Hernandez. Stevie J posted a photo of Althea completely naked one her hands and knees in between a man’

Joseline Hernandez Goes Off About Stevie J And Benzino On Instagram-Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been receiving a lot of backlash lately for her alleged role in last week’s reunion show brawl. She’s been accused of attacking Benzino‘s girl Althea, Waka‘s wife Tammy and the former maid that she loves to hate Mimi Faust all in the same night. The cast has been calling her a wild animal ever since and saying they no longer want to work with her.Click to read more

Foxy Brown not feeling VH1 and Stevie J restrains Joseline Hernandez

Foxy Brown not feeling VH1 and Stevie J restrains Joseline Hernandez - Brown isn’t feeling so hot for VH1, Stevie J responds to Joseline Hernandez calling him a child molester and Taylor Swift continues getting under Calvin Harris’ skin.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Are Stevie J and Joseline Faking It?

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Stevie J Wilds Out with Nick Cannon & RHOA Kenya Moore booty bump

Stevie J Wilds Out with Nick Cannon & RHOA Kenya Moore booty bump - Cannon’s playing down an alleged altercation with Stevie J over Mariah Carey sharing, Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore could be pregnant and Taylor Swift just not feeling Kanye West again.

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Stevie J Shares Nude Photo Of Benzino's Fiancée

Stevie J Shares Nude Photo Of Benzino's Fiancée- evie J took his feud with Benzino and his fiancee, Althea Heart, a step further last night when he shared a nude photo of Althea on Twitter. In the photo, a nude Althea can be seen in a bathtub leaning over the edge and looking up at a man who is standing in front of her. “Lettuce anyone?” Stevie wrote in the tweet. Lettuce anyone?? — Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej) July 15, 2014