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Salmon with sauce vierge

A stalwart of French cuisine, this sauce vierge recipe from chef Steven Doherty includes the core ingredients of fresh tomato, fragrant basil and rich olive oil with a little acidity from freshly squeezed lemon juice. Here the sauce is served with simple pan-fried salmon fillets.

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Lemon and passion fruit tart

Chef Steven Doherty's lemon and passion fruit tart recipe is given a burst of tangy sweetness with the addition of fresh passion fruit juice.

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Flynn Alexander. Dark, curly hair and freckles. Expression lines etched into the face that must've once been happy.

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Raspberry shortbread stack

A fantastic layered raspberry shortbread stack recipe by Steven Doherty, with crisp biscuit, fresh berries and a tangy raspberry sauce. This raspberry dessert is simple to prepare, for an impressive but easy dessert.

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Pea and ham soup

Steven Doherty's pea and ham soup recipe might take a while to prepare, but the time is a worthy investment in creating the finished flavour of the soup. This fantastic soup recipe is British comfort food at its finest.

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Smoked salmon and leek quiche

A classic quiche recipe, this smoked salmon and leek quiche from chef Steven Doherty is easy to make and perfect for a picnic or summer lunch.

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