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Governor of the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, is showing the nation how Obamacare is done. Did I mention that Steven L. Beshear is a Democrat in a really red state. Obama lost it by 40 points, yet Beshear is the Governor. Senator Mitch McConnell is in deep trouble too. Kentuckians love their great health care.

Medicaid Expansion: Kentucky governor explains his state's success - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Guest-columnists

Sponsor a bill in 2013 to grant autistic and epileptic children legal access to cannabidiol oil (CBD oil).

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On Meet the Press Sunday morning, Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear gave the press some excellent advice that they will most certainly not heed, “Everybody needs to chill out because it (ObamaCare) is going to work.”

On his last day in office former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear pardoned or commuted the sentences of ten women who were the victims of domestic violence.

The Healthy Smiles Kentucky initiative was created by Governor Steve Beshear to improve the dental health of Kentucky's children.

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