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Stiles becomes a werewolf and his eyes… well after all that stuff with nogitsune they’re not like he expected them to be. Lucky for him Derek knows exactly what to say to make him feel ...

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TW Fan-Art by Bilibili I see this almost as Four and Tris from Divergent when Four is in a grumpy mood... just me?

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ughhhh HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! <3 ;U; i hope you all have a great day and are with special-someone >U< and that you are disgustingly cute like these two idiots :'D derek, the best boyfrin...

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suis0u: WIP I | WIP II | WIP III It’s finished, finally! And because some of you already asked, you can find it on society6 as well :)(Actually I have planned a background, but no time and motivation to be honest…)

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#Sterek #Fanart #Funny This isn't what I usually post on this board but I thought it was funny and it was sterek so I couldn't decide on which board to put it on

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Okay so it looks like the first wolf is Erica, the second one underneath her is Isaac, the black one is Derek, the one next to Stiles on the right is Scott and the last one is Boyd

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Sterek: Tied Up by mizorekibishi on DeviantArt Someone please write this into a fanfiction and let me read it!

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