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Stepan Bandera, fourth from the left, in 1928

The Bandera family in 1935. Stepan is second from the right.

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Tools of Tradecraft: More Spy Gear From the CIA, Others

A gas gun used by the KGB that exploded hydrogen from a crushed cyanide capsule into the victim's face, causing them to go into cardiac arrest.

The First Congress of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in 1929.

#world #news Memory of Ukraine's Stepan Bandera honored in Kyiv torchlight procession, "Viche" at Maidan #FreeKarpiuk #FreeUkraine

Stenka Razin - A Cossack from the Trans-Caucasus, he rose to fame with his charisma and strength. Thousands of the disenfranchised flocked to his banner. He controlled vast stretches of the Don region and interfered with the trade of the empire. Eventually the Tsar’s armies brought him down and he was publically executed in Moscow.

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The Observer's 20 photographs of the week

Credit: Reuters An activist participates in a rally to mark the 105th year since the birth of Stepan Bandera, one of the founders of the Org...

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The 20 photographs of the week

In Kiev, supporters of the Ukrainian nationalist parties Svoboda and Right Sector carry torches during a march to mark the 106th anniversary of Stepan Bandera’s birth. Bandera was a Ukrainian politician and one of the leaders of the country’s nationalist movement

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