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Cor-ten edging

Cor-ten steel is a beautiful material. It is being used in gardens more and more and loved for its warm, weathered and industrial look. In my experience, this edging looks better when it is 1/4" thickness. Anything thinner and you will see bowing and the edge will not appear clean and straight, which is it's best attribute. Also when specifying corten, make sure you get a certificate that verifies it is truly cor-ten, and ASTM grade A588 or A606. View Product Website

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Sinuous curves of cor-ten steel edged lawn sweep across Paal Grant's 'Conversation' garden

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Installed low to the soil, metal edging can be mown over, eliminating the painstaking process of edging a lawn.

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Possible replacement step uprights for the back steps, rather than sleepers? This is corten steel.

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use 5mm non galvanised mild steel edging to contain lawn gravel areas and gardens from one another. Within a couple of weeks the metal has reacted to the moisture in the atmosphere and turned a rust colour. this style of edging is complimentary to both old and new houses

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How to Lay a Budget-Friendly Gravel Path

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Landscape Edging: 10 Easy Ways to Set Your Garden Beds Apart

Landscape Edging: 10 Easy Ways to Set Your Garden Beds Apart: EverEdge Edging - Made from sturdy, powder coated flexible steel with 3-3/4" spikes, EvrEdge appeals with its casual, country garden look. Lengths are interlocking for seamless installation and come five to a set, totaling 16 linear feet of edging per package. $95 at Grandin Road

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