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This beautiful dress is a great base for a steampunk outfit or just to wear in the summer. The strap can also be removed and the dress can be worn with a gorgeous steampunk corset.

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Philostrate. The thing I like about this costume is that it looks like a steampunked servant's outfit...without it looking too much like a maid's outfit.! quite victorian too

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A military lolita outfit. I am a sucker for cravats, bows, neckscarves, ties, and the like, so this really makes me happy. I also enjoy the waistcoat as well. This add the neat, often straight, lines and other militaristic extras to the cute, modest, and often child-like lolita fashion.

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Steampunk lolita deep red wine velvet skirt with waist cincher and grey blouse with matching ruffles.

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I do want step sister's dress to be fancy because of her social status but don't want to veil Cinderella's clean simple dress so I decided to choose a toned down color but fancy shape

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steampunk bridesmaid dresses | Steampunk Dress by charlotte.babb

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Would love to wear this when working in a library or something....Who am I kidding, I would just love to wear it.

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【Infanta.婴梵塔】Lolita*蒸汽朋克*逆时器*束腰托胸绣花JSK 2色

[. Infanta infants Vatican tower] Lolita * Steampunk * counterclockwise breast care unit * tunic embroidered JSK 2 colors - Taobao steampunk lolita steamloli salopette! it looks great with the cape!

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