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How to Distill Essential Oils

During distillation, the volatile liquid present in the plant is converted into vapor form or steam. When the steam is condensed back into its original liquid form, the ending result is a pure essential oil.


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The EOV2000 is a true vertical steam distillation unit made from scientific-grade borosilicate glass, specifically designed for easy steam extraction of essential oils from plant materials by the non-chemist at home, resulting in the highest purity essential oils


How to Make Essential Oils: Making Essential Oils - Steam Distillation, CO2's and Absolutes ~ a GREAT site to show the distillation process. Using a canner pot, you can do the same process! AWESOME!


Alembics - Copper Still Steam Distillation of Essential oils, natural aromatic Hydrosols and floral waters and Spirits


Steam distillation unit assembly


How to Make an Essential Oil Distiller from Kitchen Equipment

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Watch as Laura explains the process of how to use steam distillation to make essential oil. In this video she uses juniper for the demonstration. Video Shot ...


Making and Using hydrosols – home distilling

Making and Using hydrosols – home distilling The word hydrosol, ‘hydro’ water and ‘sol’ solution means water solution and refers to the fact that a hydrosol is water containing plant molecules, it is produced alongside essential oil in the process of steam distillation and sometimes referred to as flower water. The term flower water is imprecise as not all hydrosols are made from flowers, they can be made from leaves, whole plants, seeds, roots etc.


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