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The Eden Eclipse Bag is part of an exclusive preview of our new Accessories collection, as featured in the AW16/17 Couture Show. For more information about the launch date and availability of this piece, please get in touch.


Orny Adam (Coach) shares some behind the scenes Teen Wolf facts about the perks of having an arrow through his stomach. #hilarious


Those who care about you. Tap to see more real friendship quotes & send to your true friends! - @mobile9

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Fun Baking with These Super Easy Traditional British Jam Tarts

'Jam Tarts' have been around forever but any historical reference to jam tarts appears at the same time sugar was available for jam making (honey, though sweet is no good for making jam) and as sugar in any form was costly, the humble jam tart had quite a status symbol. The tarts no longer carry such celebrity, and has been out of fashion for quite some time but is making a come back. A jam tart recipe is just so easy just a little pasty and jam or, for lemon tarts, using lemon curd.


Islam has raised the status of Women from below the earth to so high that Paradise lies at her feet. This was one of the things that was taught about women under the education system of Islam to all it's citizens, male and female, from a young age. Which will underpin the attitudes towards women under Islamic teachings (state). People, including men, were natured in an environment where women were seen as a trust from Allah (SWT) that must be honoured and protected. The islamic laws created…


Sonia Sanchez. "All poets, all writers are political. They either maintain the status quo, or they say, ‘Something’s wrong, let’s change it for the better.’ That’s what my life has really been about."

Erin Condren Design | Its always a good time to get personalized, stylized and organized!


Pissed off quotes for posting | Pissed Off Facebook Status On Paper Background