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The Big Apple: a new collection of jewellery from Martin Katz celebrates the iconic architecture of New York

Martin Katz New York collection vintage style tassel earrings, set with cushion rose-cut, baguette and round diamonds, micro-set with diamonds in white gold.

A woman's face that I truly love. This is the Statue of Liberty's face when it was first un-crated.

#Amazing spiderman statue of #libery collectibe pin from #wondercon 2010, View more on the LINK:

statue of liberty crying 9/11 | ... showing the Statue of Libery crying over loss of the Twin Towers

statue of libery standee

~ Liberty Enlightening the World - The Statue of Liberty ~ Happy July 4th!

In 1875, fabrication of the copper and steel Statue of Liberty Construction in Paris was begun in Paris France. Ten years later, in 1885, the 46 meters [151 feet 1 inch] high statue was completed. It weighed 225 tons upon completion. This same year, the completed statue was disassembled and shipped to New York.