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MY WIFE LINDA AND I ARE ON A SIX WEEK ADVENTURE, DRIVING JUST BELOW THE SNOW LINE, TRAVELING BACK ROADS, NO MORE THAN 4 HOURS A DAY: Looking back over a lifetime of travel, you’d think all those postcard places I’ve seen would be foremost in my memory, but I cherish people and their stories more than landscape. Places have little meaning apart from people. Beautiful sunsets are best when shared.

Using an existing photograph and/or sculpture to twist it's meaning into the opposite. Mainly good because this statue obviously lies as the amount of surveillance means there's no liberty at all in america.


United States Navy Blue Angels Fly By Statue of Liberty on a Photo Run - For All Our Services Personnel Including Me - This Is Truly A Marvelous Image Indeed - When U See Something Like This, It Kinda Makes Serving In The U.S. Armed Forces All Worth While! - (ldm)


Statue of Liberty Full

Hisotrical/ biographical : A historical element Lady liberty. Given to NY by the french. Is seen as a sign of hope and freedom.