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Fender-Blender-Pro via Low-tech Magazine article called Pedal powered farms and factories: the forgotten future of the stationary bicycle


Dual purpose bicycle. A very small flywheel is attached to a standard bicycle which permits its use as a pedal-powered machine that can power numerous small-scale mechanical devices such as threshers, grinders, winnowers, shellers, saws, lathes, pumps, generators, and small tools. It can be converted from transportation to pedal power mode in a few minutes. The broad stand provides stability during power production, is flipped up in transport mode, and doubles as a freight carrier.


Weslo CrossCycle Stationary Bicycle, White

Crosscycle Stationary,Stationary Bicycle,Bicycle White

cool Exercise Bike Gel Seat Cover Durable Soft Black Saddle Cushion Pad for Comfortable Ride with Thick Gel for Stationary Bicycle Cycling Reviews


Weslo CrossCycle Stationary Bicycle


The Best Recumbent Stationary Bicycles

Recumbent bikes offer a more comfortable ride than standard stationary bicycles because you sit in a more chair-like seat with your legs out in front of...