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Good idea to keep this in your house or car in case of an emergency. Especially during inclement weather.


Robert Doisneau - a couple pulling a cart loaded with weat and a goat in occupied Paris (June 1940 - August 1944)

VW Cafe - rear view - I would love a coffee machine built in the back!!


WUHAI Multi-function Car Jump Starter Vehicle AUTO Booster Start Emergency Battery Pack Power Bank for Mobile Phone Laptop


MINI Cooper Gen2 Engine Starter Buttons Almost too fun for words!Our engine started buttons make your MINI COOPER experience your very own every time you go for a spin. Made of machined aluminum with adhesive graphic badge inserts to express yourself. You're sure to enjoy this little treat each and every day! Simply peel and stick over existing starter button.


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Auto Page C3-RS601 AutoPage Remote Car Starter with Keyless Entry, Trunk Release and 2-Way Data Port by AutoPage. $57.99. C3-RS601 is a great add-on remote starter for vehicles with smart keys and push-to-start technology. Small size with improved range performance over the XT-11 for remote start plus a dedicated unlock button for vehicles that lock out the factory smart key when the vehicle has been remote started. Remote Car Starter with 2-Way Data Port 2-Way data/serial port ...