Starling - Most people dislike this bird but I love them. They can mimic any sound and I had one that used to "bark" at my feeder if it was out of suet!

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Common Starling / Sturnus Vulgaris. Common indeed but still a beautiful bird and all the more impressive when seen flying in their thousands (known as murmuratuons). Photo by Estornino Pinto Santiago M. C

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One of our struggling species... you may see lots of starlings in your garden but they are actually in decline. Are you still lucky enough to have them visit your garden? Big Garden #Birdwatch.

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A Murmuration of Starlings. From a distance they sound like a waterfall, all those beating wings as they settle for the night after their ariel acrobactics. Just magical. Go see and HEAR.

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'When mathematicians look at crowd behaviour, they see beautiful fractal patterns. In their eyes, we swoop and soar like a murmuration of starlings, all as one.'

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