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Ozone Depletion in the UK. A Punakaiki-based scientist has come up with a new theory on the cause of the hole in the ozone layer. Bill Hartley believes Starfish Prime, an American upper atmospheric nuclear test he witnessed in 1962, is partly to blame for the hole.

from BBC News

Could a war in space really happen?

Starfish prime explosion


ARTFINDER: Starfish Prime by Jeff Iverson - Digitally rendered abstract fractal manipulation. Starfish Prime was the first successful test in the series of United States high-altitude nuclear tests in ...

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On July 9, 1962 the United States detonated a nuclear weapon high above the Pacific Ocean. Designated Starfish Prime, it was part of a dangerous series of high-altitude nuclear bomb tests at the height of the Cold War. Its immediate effects were felt for thousands of kilometers, but it would also have a far-reaching aftermath that still touches us today.