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Top 8 des théories de fans les plus folles sur l’univers de Star Wars

Daddy Yoda + Momma Ewok = Baby Gremlin, HA! This is how a Star Wars Family is created.

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- Star Wars conversion for Mutants & Masterminds 3e by Kane Starkiller - - Twi'lek


The Kyuzo were a sentient species with yellow eyes and green skin. They were fast and high jumpers. Kyuzo also spoke their native language. The species was known for having highly capable warriors, who had very high standards of honor.

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Female Jedi | togruta biological classification physical characteristics average ...

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The Geonosian race, often called Geos or bugs in clone trooper slang, was an insectoid species native to the planet Geonosis. Geonosians resided in catacomb-like hive colonies beneath the organic-looking spires.

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Falleen were a sentient species able to project pheromones. During the Clone Wars, the criminal...

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