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DIY Lightsaber Christmas Lights

Celebrate Star Wars The Force Awakens with your own Star Wars Lightsaber Christmas light set, perfect for your Christmas tree, Star Wars themed bedroom or Star Wars birthday parties!

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Star Wars DIY projects: Fantastic crafts for you and the family

From knitted R2D2 cosies to an origami Yoda, homemade lightsabers to sci-fi lanterns, these DIY Star Wars projects are easy, amazing and SO MUCH FUN!

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DIY light saber Christmas lights! Cut straws, scotch tape them to the lights, wrap with electric tape and a bit of duct tape. Add a red dot for effect! And may the merry force be with you.

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DIY Lightsaber Christmas Lights

How to make DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Christmas Lights perfect for your Christmas Tree or even year round Star Wars Decorations

Star Wars Characters Set of 6 Ornaments

These glass ornaments are 3 inches by 3 inches. This set includes R2D2, C3PO, Boba Fett, the Star Wars logo with Christmas lights, Chewbacca, and

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'You Light Up My Christmas' Star Wars Card

Looking for Christmas card ideas? This Christmas, take a look at our range of traditional Christmas cards for inspiration. Discover now.

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